I believe this knowledge will have your imagination flourish.

Using the 12 Bar Blues structure, you’ll play along to these videos using the tabs and chord charts at varying speeds.

with “No Bars Held”,You’ll learn all the fundamental chords, notes, rhythms, and techniques to be a musical architect.

Full Jams

This is the knowledge to set your imagination free.

Take this straight line path to success by jamming along with these videos while observing the changes as they progress.

it’s 56 videos that use the 12 bar blues structure to teach all the fundamental chords and leads on the guitar while accumulating musical skills like rhythm and harmony.

Clips of Chord Progressions

Measure by measure and by any measure.

Focus on each type of 12 Bar blues to master each level.

You’ll play power chords, 7 chords, Barre chords, Open chords, and simple chords.

you’ll lay a solid foundation for your creativity to flourish.

Clips of Arpeggios

Looking for the golden notes for you melodies and leads?

The key to improvisation is preparation.

This will improve your musical awareness one solo at a time.

Play along with these arpeggios and you’ll know exactly where the magic is happening.

The arpeggios harmonize with the chords and you’ll improve your dexterity and navigation skills ten fold.

You’ll play simple, two string, 3 string, 4 string, 5 string, and 6 string arpeggios that harmonize with the background chords.

AUDIo backing Tracks of No Bars Held

Manifest your greatness. To really see how far you can take your knowledge and musical skills jam along to just these backing tracks.