Band Classes


Regular band class rate: $50 x 14 weeks (3 months + rehearsal/performance) = $700 ($234/ month)

Back stage pass rate: ($45 x 14 = $630 ($210/month)

Backstage pass is when students are enrolled in private lessons at the Garageband Academy and in a Band Class.


Should be able to play jams 2-12 from “No Bars Held” Method.

Should be able to play a full song.

Commit to 13 consecutive weeks of 90 minute sessions.

Internet access with email address.

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I believe the best way to be a better musician is to play with other musicians.

At the Garageband Academy in Pleasanton, CA we’ll form a band to make original songs using the “No Bars Held” method and cover songs from the greatest rock bands of all time.

We’ll go over songwriting, music philosophy, stage presence, live composition, and have in house concerts.

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Please include information on which instrument the student plays. Their musical experience and interests. How did you hear about the Garage Band Academy? Anything else I should know?

The Garage Band Academy

435 Boulder Ct #100

Pleasanton, CA 94566

She- Green day cover at the Garageband Academy in Pleasanton