To me music has always been about being uncaged, but my purpose is to teach in a way that helps the “least well off”, is easily accessible, and gives tools for creation.

Paradoxically I realized I’d need to create a path in order to teach students how to make their own.

I decided the “12 Bar Blues” is the densest and simplest education path to teach with-

“12” has a holy connotation and blues is “devil music” so i liked the irony as well.

“This path” is learning the chords of the guitar and the apreggios that harmonize with them while keeping rhythm.

Once you’ve reached the top of the summit, you’ll look out at the landscape and realize all that beauty was there from the beginning. you just didn’t have the perspective to see it at the time.

Then you start to forge you’re own way helping others along the way.

To help along this journey I’ve uploaded the tabs and music as videos on youtube.

you can download tabs at my store and a free notation software “musescore” to change the pace- tempo- of the lesson.

Sometimes, running, sometimes, crawling, just keep moving.


future lessons will be “the Philosophy of Music” and “the Music of Philosophy”